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Hip Replacement 


The first attempts to replace the parts of the damaged hip joint date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Significant improvement in the concepts of hip prostheses was made in the 1960's with better functional results and longevity. The hip replacement designs and materials are constantly evolving, allowing us to optimize the biomechanics of the artificial joints and biocompatibility with the life tissues. If you are keen on understanding what happens during the hip replacement, this video animation will provide you with an interesting inside. 



Knee Replacement 


The knee joint is a very complex system with specific structures providing stability and movement. There are many different concepts of prosthesis design, aiming to get as close to the normal functional anatomy as possible, recreating for the patient the feeling of a normal joint during the stance and movements. To understand what the intervention consists of please watch this useful video animation.

Knee Arthroscopy 


The keyhole surgery is a mini-invasive procedure, which is very useful in treatment of knee disorders, under the direct vision of the camera introduced through small incisions. This intervention has small associated risks and in most of the cases is well tolerated and requires relatively short recovery time. The basic aspects of this type of surgical intervention is shown in this video animation.

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