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Reviews, comments and testimonials //

S. Jones


As a 77 year old, I underwent surgery for a total right hip replacement on 22nd September 2021 at Clinic Les Lauriers, undertaken by Mr Rudolph Pardubsky. The treatment and care I received throughout my stay at the clinic was superb. Mr Pardubsky is a highly skilled surgeon and the operation was a complete success. The aftercare was of the highest order. My wife and I were met at the airport and conveyed to and from the clinic by a very efficient taxi service. I would readily recommend the services of Mr Pardubsky and his clinic for any orthopaedic surgical procedures.

Vincent Sinnott

Jan 2018 in Saint-Rapaël, France

At the age of 72, after 40 years of running (marathon), golf, skiing, etc. my right knee started to give me problems. I consulted with Mr. Pardubsky, who discussed the several alternates of physio, injections, arthroscopy and surgery. I tried the first two without significant improvement. Scans showed my cartilage on right side of knee was severely damaged and left side also showing wear. My big question was could I run again after surgery? Mr. Pardubsky assured me yes, in a very positive way.

He operated on Wednesday morning in Clinic les Lauriers, again we agreed on spinal anaesthesia, which enabled us to converse during surgery. The operation was approx. 1 hour, followed by an hour in recovery, then X-rays. Back in my private room after about 3 hours. The nursing staff and everyone in Clinic were outstanding during my stay.

After three days I was home and able to manage the stairs, knee was swollen but not too painful. Started walking with Nordic sticks, also starting bicycle, physio ans lots of mini exercises.

After three weeks I was back playing golf. My walks got longer. At four months I was back to doing 10 km runs better than before my problems started.

Mr. Pardubsky is without doubt an outstanding surgeon. He takes time to explain everything. I cannot give enough thanks to him and his support staff. 

David Addis


I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for your excellent work in fixing my Left Hip. My Friends, Family & I think my Recovery has been Fantastic as I was able to walk unaided after 5 weeks and have now returned to my Pastime of Ballroom & Latin Dancing. The Nurse who removed the staples was surprised as to how few there were, and how neat it looked. Thank you again.

Kevin B


Excellent surgeon and very pleasant person as well, did a terrific job on my knees, I trust him in every aspect of his work.

D. McKane


I had my hip done 6 years ago at a different hospital and it was never right from the beginning, I am just the unlucky one, the things never work out for me. I had it then redone twice but it was no better, I suffered several disclocations after the second surgery and after the third one which was OK for a while it deteriorated quickly so I was soon in constant in pain. I went to see Mr. Pardubsky in his clinic and I ended up with the 4th surgery. I haven't been so comfortable walking for long years, It's been actually the first time, that I fell better then before the first surgery. I never thought I would be able to enjoy life again but this time it has worked out and I'm really happy.

R Howard


I had my knee replaced by Mr. Pardubsky over 2 moths ago and I am progressing incredibly well. I've had no concerns at all about his expertise and everyone I've spoken to was saying the same. I am really greatful.



Mr Pardubsky did my hip surgery, I have been really delighted and never looked back. I would recommend him to everyone with worn hips, he is an outstanding surgeon.



Great surgeon and a real gentleman, proud to have been operated by him, many thanks 

Daniel Johnson


I would like to thank for a great job done on my both hips. My life was becoming a hell, now I am back on track, playing golf again and enjoying life just like before. Everyone on the ward was really great, first class health care.  

Vardeep Mistry


Exceptional surgeon, my both knees very good now, initially painful but gradually eased as I have been explaint and after physiotherapy now really very very good. 



I am so pleased with my new hip, completely pain-free and walking without a stick. I didn't have any pain after the surgery and next day I was already walking. The whole team was so wonderful. I would recommend anytime.



I broke my hip 2 years ago and had a surgery done which consisted, as I was later explained, in half hip replacement, changing the broken part of my thigh bone. I never walked properly and had quite a lot of discomfort and pain. I was seen by an orthopaedic specialist and was told that there was nothing he could do and that I should go where the surgery had been originally done. Later on I was referred to Mr. Pardubsky by my GP who said he was really good. I didn't have much faith it could be ever fixed. Mr. Pardubsky offered me a surgery saying that he was able to make it better and I decided to give it one more try even though I was rather sceptical. I really have to say that my surgery has been a great success and all my pain is gone, actually my legs are the same length now. I will be ever so greatful, and I think that it is a wonderful thing we have people like him in NHS. Many thanks. 

Tracey W.


My mother needed a total hip replacement because she had been suffering from arthritis for long years. She was operated on by Mr. Pardubsky and we have been delighted with how well it went. From the first contact in the clinic and then on the orthopaedic ward she couldn't have received a better care. Mr. Pardubsky is an incredibly kind person and very much respected surgeon. I have heart only the best references on him and all our family is very thankful for what he did.

A. Paretawel


Mr. Pardubsky did my left knee and I have been so happy with it, the scar has healed very quickly and I do not have any pain. I only wish he had also done my right knee which is not as good. Thank you very much, I will recommend. 

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